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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2012 11:37pm-12:07am PDT

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assume is the same activity or close to the same activity. but the description is so full and robust and completely as wages and concerns that i have. maybe this is just going for that descriptions like this are very helpful to my understanding of what is going to happen to be presented in shared with these other folks because that is where the flag was raised. when i looked at 22 and the supplemental explanation provided, i completely understand. i don't really have much questions because it is fully described here. >> any comments? roll call, please.
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>> [roll call vote] seven ayes. item>> item 1, superintendent - te item q, a motion and a second? this resolution was heard at the ad hoc committee on student assignment meeting held last night. the report will be held later on tonight. in support of the consideration for deferred deportations for child the arrivals, a program encouraging in the unified school district of volunteer to assist all our students at the
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mission high school action form. is there a motion and a second? for suspension of the rules. >> for suspension of the rules. [roll call vote] seven ayes. >> so motion and a second for formal introduction. we will be using 84 revision. this version has been made available to the board and to the public. a reading of the resolution. is there a motion and a second. >> so moved. >> i second.
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>> of the reading of the resolution. >> in support of consideration of the further deportation of childhood arrivals, encouraging the unified school district to volunteer to assist all of our students, deferred action form. on the timber 22, at the san francisco unified school district board of education and a board resolution no. urged the city and county of san francisco to remember its status as the city and county of refuge as set forth in the san francisco administrative code via adopted the ordinance no. 37589 on october 24, 1989, and whereas in board resolution no. 992 to 82, the final whereas
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clause where denial of access to an sfusd education to undocumented student would impose a lifetime margin on a discrete class of children not accountable for this disabling status. the stigma of a literacy will mark them for the rest of their lives. by denying these children their education, i get the ability for foreclosing any realistic possibility that they will contribute in even the smallest way to the progress of our nation as recognized by the supreme court. and whereas the board of and their ability to learn, grow and thrive in every available facet of the san francisco
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unified school district regardless of their land of origin, parentage and documentation status. whereas on june 15, 2012, the department of homeland security secretary janet napolitano issued a memorandum to the u.s. customs and border protection u.s. citizenship and immigration services and the immigration and customs enforcement in accordance with that same philosophy announcing the consideration for defered action for the child program which offers defevered action to immigrants who were brought to the united states as children and who meet other specific requirements and whereas mission high school community members came before the board of education on august 14, 2012 to announce their leadership efforts in making this national opportunity a reality for not just mission high school students but all eligible
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students in sfusd as rapidly as possible recognizing this program has no accompanying federal funding nor state allocated resources, to understand the guidelines, apply for consideration and ward off fraudulent prospectors in this arena. therefore be it resolved with the board of education with the san francisco unified school district hereby encourages the superintendent and staff to volunteer their free time and expert's to assist mission high school with its two-day action forum. friday september 7, 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. and saturday september 8, 9:00 to 12:00 p.m. including but not limited to the translation of materials and provision of interpretors to assist with the provision of information to families.
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further be it resolved that the board of education encourages them to represent the board of education support for the full implementation for childhood arrivals program whenever and wherever possible and further be it resolved that the board of education recognizes and applauds the efforts of our community partners, e.g., affirmative action, asian law caucus. fsop. san francisco immigration network. asia pacific islanders. legal outreach. central american resource center. a whole host of community experts in making this national opportunity a dream come true locally for our students and their families. so i believe that we have community members who could speak to this action from the mission community. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> public speakers? that signed up for today, jim, ava, wade, emanuel, clarissa. come on up. press the button and you have two minutes each. >> hi commissioners. my name is jen, i'm a communitied a and i work with our immigration program with undocumented pacific islander youth. i'm very grateful this resolution was presented today. thank you so much commissioner maufas and those of you in support of defered action. we not only represent the mission high school community but the overall san francisco community and the thousands of students that would benefit from this program and just to add on that, we are hoping not to have just one community forum at
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mission high school but a several and hope that the school district can identify a pointor contact for our community members so that we can host other forums and workshops for students in the future. secondly, we would also like to clarify that we will be -- commend you for interpretation services and to also hopefully host other weekend events and possibly cover the cost of facilities and workers just to keep the doors open on saturdays if we do the workshops for families then. over the last couple of weeks, our agencies have been filled with interested applicants. there are approximately 4,000 potential applicants within san francisco and we want to serve each and every one of them and make sure they keep them away from those encroaching on them and all of our agencies in the
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san francisco legal education network are not charging a fee to support our students. there is a $465 fee already just for employment authorization and we can't ask for anymore from he's student -- these students that have already been impacts. -- impacted. thank you. >> thank you, jen. >> hello, my name is wade. i'm 23 years old. i'm the class of 2007 and also part of aspire. an asian student promoting immigrant rights to education. the group that supports each other and also advocates for immigrant rights and i just want
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-- i'm here today to thank board for the sport of the action because as undocumented student i had a lot of difficulties getting through high school without the proper guidance and resources. i had my counselor from the high school. sneffs support of me but i could tell that she wasn't -- she didn't have the resource or the proper training to deal with students like me and it was really difficult. it wasn't difficult to graduate high school but it was difficult to live through it. i'm really happy to know that -- my benefit from the resident lucian so they won't have to go -- resolution so they won't have to go through what did. i graduated from high school and graduated from college with a psychology degree and hope other student consist benefit and pursue education the same way i did. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> good yaverp, everyone. my name is anna avenue lows. -- avelos. i'm a mission high school graduate. currently i'm attending u.c. it is going to be my second year. i represent the 4,000 students in the city that qualify fd this defered action and i'm representing miss tom, my former chemistry teacher. unfortunately she is not here. she is in hawaii visiting her family though she asked me to speak for her. i'm here representing the students because i know i work in the immigration office and i know how much they have to pay. some lawyers are asking them to pay $1,000 plus the $465 for the application. some lawyers are asking them to pay $1,500. we know they are just students. they are already paying for
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college or high school or something else. they can't pay for this. i'm here to ask you to please keep supporting this kind of event because mission has -- we should not be the only school doing this. thank you for your support. have a good evening. >> anna. >> thank you. >> good evening. i am here representing san francisco organizing project. we work with schools throughout the city. we have many, many families who are members who have children and students in different schools in the district and we are here with mission high school can the the community partners and we urge you to help us in sharing this defered action information with the 4,000 students in the city who qualify for different action and in particular we are working the asset fund to help these eligible students also participating in small lending
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circles which will help them pay for the legal fee to help them apply for the status. as you know, these students will be able to apply and receive a two-year work permit and will no longer fear deportation and will be able to focus on achieving their dreams. thank you. >> good evening. my name is clarissa sanchez. it is great to be here amongst this wonderful group of commint activists and other community-based organizations. we were not provided a grant. taking part in this clinic is extremely important to us because as a community-based organization, i am one of five people in our department. we have an extremely high volume of cases and we have done everything within our power to
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be able to provide weekly clinics. unfortunately we have to assess a fee because we do not apply for and receive a grant. so taking part in these clinics that are being offered throughout san francisco, also in other counts, we took part in one in san mateo and it was great to see so many applicants lining up as early as 6:00 a.m. for this service. it is great to be able to help another no cost. i'm simply here to stress poverpbes having this and having the community and these students come together to make these applications to rid themselves of the fear that they have in submitting their applications so i would respectfully urge everyone of you to please
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provide an aye vote in this and pass in re-resolution. coming from an oh,, as i'm sure we all have mentioned, we're flooded and we want to do everything within our power to continue to provide these services, especially with no cost. thank you for your time and hopefully we'll be able to have you onboard to come and see our clinic on september 7 and september 8. thank you. >> thank you. commirgs maufas? >> thank you. commissioner maufas: miss wong is here and i was hoping that you could share some of the district activities that have to happen because of the passing of the -- thank you. >> several weeks ago, actually more, i think they have been working on this project for the last summer and in waiting for more information.
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as we have been working with the group, one thing that they did identify was to be able to enis that your the counselors at the high school have this information so we are going to be planning counselor trainings through the month of september and making sure that the flier that they have already translated into chinese and spanish is also out there at all of the high schools and in anticipation of the events on friday and saturday, translation department is going to be preparing interpretors for this event. >> thank you very much. what i also wanted to let the commissioners and public know is that i reached out to the members of the board of supervisors because not only does it affect our students, it affects other citizens in san francisco up to 31 years of age and they are being met again with this unfunded opportunity and how can the board of supervisors and our partners n the city and county of san
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francisco work with us so we are able to share resources but also do as much as we can for as many as we can. as quickly as we can. i know -- let me ask. are they still on break? hence the no response? i understood that. that's fine. i know that they will respond. i wanted to mention that i did reach out to them and and also some of our community partners. i know that we have many, many folks that will be probably with us on friday and saturday. i want to encourage other folks to either -- i hate to target you. are you the point person for sfusd? >> actually, commissioner
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maufas, we're going to convene as a staff to figure out who is best prepared to be the point person, not that miss wong is not. >> correct. she has an awful lot on her plate. i'm well aware of that. you have been in communicationss with her and myself throughout this process. when we discovered that point person, hopefully we'll be able to filter that information out so they can partnership with us on friday and saturday, but really, primarily to make certain that our students -- i'm sorry, are just protected from the folks that are trying to take advantage of this situation and we know that they are oppressive lant out there. i want to -- prevalent out there. i want to thank community and i appreciate you for giving me guidance. i want you to know i wrote this resolution after watching you all at the board meeting. i was sick at home and i was watching the board meeting and i
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appreciate that miss tom came to that board meeting and spoke to you. you listened in such a heart felt manner and i appreciate that from my colleagues and i was able to produce this at home. commissioner fewer: i would like to thank commissioner maufas for bringing this forward. and also wanted to reiterate friday september 7 from 5 to 8:00 p.m., saturday, 9 to 12:00 p.m. at mission high school. what can people expect if they come to the forum and is it limited in any way the students or san francisco residents or -- >> we actually wanted to -- the community forum. not just mission. we know that san francisco is
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well known as a -- city. san francisco is a city of immigrants. we know that. so we want to be bridged to the parents. not just the mission parents. we know there is a lot of parents out there that don't know situation. it broke my heart when i went to oakland and i don't know what this is but my son can explain it to you. we want to talk with the parents so they know they can have this information that will benefit them. we don't have a limit or things like that. hopefully as well as many lawyers as we can have to reach many students in san francisco. >> there are still many parents that don't understand exactly what this is. an explanation of what it is and then how they can participate and with their family. >> commissioner fewer? commissioner fewer: thank you, president yee. i meant to say thanks for
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putting on this forum. i have been hosting a student for going on three years now. i will definitely tell her about this. it is true she has consulted an attorney and the attorney said it was $1,000. so i would definitely direct her to this. thanks very much. >> yeah, it will be great. just tell anyone we would love to have anyone from the board to see what it means because you will love it. the community from different country of origin, different languages will be there. different organizations helping us. students like me, i'm not part of money this of them but i'm just here because i think this is a need in the community. >> commissioner mendoza? commissioner mendoza: thank you. so i actually had a brief conversation with her before she left. but the city is in motion on this. i think we were waiting to find
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out what the final instructions are going to be from the feds. i don't know if that has already come down or if we are prepared to address that. i know there was going to be a briefing given to the mayor. adrian pawn from the immigration office or offices. immigrant rights and community engage jment is deeply -- engagement is deeply involved with that. this will impact a lot of services that the city currently provides, particularly around workforce. it will really give the city an opportunity to actually start paying some of our kids who have been part of the paid programs and allow so much more for many of our youth in the city. most of whom attend the san francisco unified school district. i know the city is deeply
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engaged in putting a strategy together. i reach out to adrian and maria and i knee the mayor wanted to do an announcement of some sort around this. i'm a little -- i was just surprised that it was coming up so quickly and i don't know if you have had a chance to connect with adrian or maria. i don't know if anything has been fully flushed out of their office but it would be great in addition to this forum if something else could happen in partnership with the city because i know we would all love to be able to support the efforts around us. again, a lot of the funding sources that we have with our youth have been -- many of our immigrant youth. we have some restrictions around and so this allows us to lift many of those so i just want to commend all of you for being here and commissioner maufas for putting this together and i'll be supporting this tonight.
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>> roll call, please. >> sorry, i just wanted to make one more comment. i know they reach out to parents from all across the city, will connect with our superintendent to find out where that connective issue can be made. thank you very much. >> i'm sorry. are we going to be putting everybody's name on this? i invite the commission if they would like to add some names. >> sure. >> thank you. >> will this forum be posted on our website? do you know? do you know? >> in terms of the information? are you referring to the information around the order? the forum. oh, the forum. >> let's put it on our website. ok. thank you. roll call, please?
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[roll call vote] >> seven ayes. >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you miss maufas for bringing this and supporting this and being an ally with us. thank you. >> thank you. >> ok. we go to item s, i think. item s. board members reports. standing committees. any tonight? board delegates to membership organization and sbacgs. seeing none. all other reports by board members. ok. all i have to say is that many of us probably went to visit schools last week and probably
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this week and it has been a great opening week last week. i personally had visited about eight or nine schools and hope to see a few more this week. commissioner mendoza? commissioner mendoza: thank you, yeah, i wanted to thank the superintendent for allowing me to tag along as well as the mayor. we had a great school opening with commissioner wynns. it was just so exciting to see all of the fun stuff happening on the first day. i also wanted to acknowledge the mission promised neighborhood back pak giveaway that we -- backback pack giveaway that we did with the organized group with the -- kevin and his crew. so we served four of our schools in the mission community and gave away quite a few backpacks
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with our partners at target. i wanted to congratulate our newly appointed city college trustee who was appointed by the mayor to fill the position that was left by trustee milton marks and he is diving into the work over there and then i also wanted to thank all of the schools that are participating in our shared schoolyard project. we are expanding. we have been doing this since 2007 and we are expanding from 11 schools to 22 schools and we have gotten great feedback from all of the zhools have indicated an interest -- schools that have indicated an interest to be part of this. starting on the weekend after labor day through october, every other weebled we're going to be opening up a -- weekend, we're going to be opening up a couple
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o more schoolyards for communities to come in and play on our schoolyards. i want to thank supervisor for the fundraising efforts to create a budget that will give every school that participates $1,000 to their p.t.o. or p.t.o. or trust account and we'll do two deep cleanings provided by the department of public works. they will help us continue to close the cards are. any graffiti damage that is zone will be covered by the city. it allows so many more kids to come on to our school sites to learn how to ride their bikes and play basketball on weekends and do those types of things and there is also a small pot of money for schools to do activities on the weekends and encourage community members around the schools to come and join in. i want to thank chris for his efforts on that and we will be letting os


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